Where Rosanna Toy Lived

By | 2 August 2013

Whenever possible, I like to go beyond the events and dates of genealogy and learn a bit more about how and where my ancestors lived. This particular bit of research starts with the Brandywine Banks inset found in the Pomeroy and Beers 1868 Atlas of Delaware. Included in this map, and show at left, is the Henry Clay… Read More »

Dating Old Family Photographs

By | 15 June 2013

I believe James is the most frequently occurring male name in the Toy family. So when I encounter old photographs with ‘James Toy’ written on the back, it takes a bit of thinking to figure out which James I have. I was recently looking at the two photographs below.  The one on the left has a hand-written note… Read More »

A Family History Photograph for Mother’s Day

By | 12 May 2013

The Toy Family (my wife’s family) came from Ireland to Delaware in the early 1800’s and settled in Henry Clay Village on the banks of Brandywine Creek.  Just in time for mother’s day, my research turned up this photograph of the main Toy property in Henry Clay, which was owned by three generations of Toys: James A Toy… Read More »

Brandywine Banks

By | 4 May 2013

This site is dedicated to a family that came from Ireland to Wilmington, Delaware in the early 1800’s and found employment at Eleutherian Mills, the du Pont family business located on the banks of the Brandywine Creek. The du Pont fortune grew from the manufacture of gunpowder at these mills starting in 1802. This history traces my wife’s paternal… Read More »

Daniel Toy of Donegal (1832)

By | 27 April 2013

We found something long thought unfindable today. The tombstone of Marianne’s great-great-great grandfather. Marianne was born Marianne Toy.  Six generations ago, Daniel Toy left Donegal for America and came to work in the E.I. du Pont powder mills. He lived in Henry Clay Village on the Brandywine with his wife Rosanna (Coyle).  Twelve years later, he was killed in… Read More »