This is a collection of my favorite links for researching my Delaware and Maryland ancestors.  This is an ongoing effort that will be updated as time permits and I find new sources of information.  In general, I’ll post a link to anything that appears in a main article of the blog. Please feel free to suggest additions or your personal favorites.

Family Search Delaware Record Collection

This is a direct link to a FamilySearch.Org page for the Delaware records they support.  This is my preferred genealogical search site. I particularly like the ability to copy and paste a citation for a record from Family Search into my genealogy software.

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

The best map deals on the Internet are found in the David Rumsey Map Collection of Cartography Associates where you can download, reproduced and transmit images for non-commerical use at no cost! Usage of the maps is governed by a Creative Commons License. In addition to making their work publicly available, they also make use of the latest scanning, image processing and viewing technology to produce and deliver maps in a variety of sizes. You do need to register on the site in order to download the largest images, which I have done for most of the hundreds maps I work with regularly. Spend some time exploring this site. You never know what you might find and many of the maps are true works of art.

Delaware Public Archives Collection Gateway

Search the index of the public collections of Delaware Public Archives. Search by ancestor name (or surname only) for a variety of record groups.  Supports downloading of a .csv file of index results, and allows ordering of specific records.  If you can’t visit personally, the ordering service works well.  Paper and electronic copies are available.

Hagley Museum and Library

The Hagley Museum is another great family history resource for Delaware researchers, particularly if your ancestors were Irish, lived in Wilmington, or were in some way connected to the du Pont family or their commercial interests. The museum is certainly worth a personal visit, but a great deal of their material is available on line and available for download.  Photographs are available for purchase at a reasonable price and can be delivered electronically.

Langdon’s List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

Many 19th century photographs include an imprint of the photographers name and (sometimes) address.  This site provides a continually updated list of early photographers working in the United States. I’ve had reason to visit the site a half dozen times in the last year, and was able to find my photographer every time.

Wilmington’s Irish Roots

If you’re fortunate to be researching Irish ancestors in northern Delaware, there is a unique resource to be found at Joe Lalley and his team of volunteers have transcribed and indexed almost all of the nineteenth century sacramental records for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington along with records for selected counties in Ireland, immigrant passenger lists for departures from the Port of Galway, Wilmington City directories and Griffith’s Valuation. The diocesan records can’t be found anywhere else online!

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