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Sister Mary DeSales

By | 24 January 2014

Annie McElwee 1867 – 1955 Like most family historians, I’ve accumulated box upon box of family photographs, letters, newspaper clippings and other ephemera.  While the subjects of most photographs are easily identified, a few are a mystery with no information provided on the reverse.  Others are annotated with incomplete information or guesses.  But someone felt strongly enough about… Read More »

Dating Old Family Photographs

By | 15 June 2013

I believe James is the most frequently occurring male name in the Toy family. So when I encounter old photographs with ‘James Toy’ written on the back, it takes a bit of thinking to figure out which James I have. I was recently looking at the two photographs below.  The one on the left has a hand-written note… Read More »

Brandywine Banks

By | 4 May 2013

This site is dedicated to a family that came from Ireland to Wilmington, Delaware in the early 1800’s and found employment at Eleutherian Mills, the du Pont family business located on the banks of the Brandywine Creek. The du Pont fortune grew from the manufacture of gunpowder at these mills starting in 1802. This history traces my wife’s paternal… Read More »