The Schooner Mary Ann – 1817

By | 4 December 2013

Passenger Manifest of the Schooner Mary Ann

Some of the records you see on are abstracts – data without images.  I find these particularly unsatisfying.  To be certain that a record can be associated with an ancestor, I like to view at least a copy of the source document, see what’s noted in the margins, and read what the person doing the abstracting left behind.

Toy Family Immigration

The most distant known ancestor in my “Brandywine Banks” family line is Daniel Toy, who arrived in Delaware early in the 1800s. Ancestry has an immigration record for a Daniel Toy showing an arrival in Philadelphia on September 19, 1817.  This sounds right, but my research has turned up another Toy family living in New Jersey around this time so a little more information would be helpful.

In particular, I want to know if he was traveling with anyone and, if so, how many were in his party.  Daniel and Rosanna had two boys (Cornelius and James) born in Ireland.  I also know from du Pont company records at the Hagley Library that the oldest son, Cornelius, arrived after Daniel was working in the Elutherian Powder Mills.  What I would hope to find in a ships log is a record of Daniel, Rosanna and the younger son, James, arriving together.  Toy, party of three!

Finding the Passenger List

While Ancestry doesn’t have images associated with this immigration record, they do a good job with their citations.  In this case, a Google search for “Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1800-1882” led me to the National Archives and Records Administration website and eventually to the download of 49 MB file containing microfilm number 25 in series 425.  Scanning page by page I eventually found what I was looking for on page 67 of this pdf file.

The image above is the manifest for the Schooner Mary Ann that arrived in Philadelphia on September 19th, 1817.  If you click on the image of the manifest above, you will get a larger version.  Notice that this was quite a small ship with very little cargo and about twenty-five passengers. If you look at the next to last entry in the passenger list, you see “Danl Toy & Family Three”.  I found my ancestor!

4 thoughts on “The Schooner Mary Ann – 1817

  1. Nancy Van Dyke-Dickison

    So close and yet so far. I get an error message when I click on your web link. I did find a manifest list in a book of the Toy family of three arriving. But it looks like you found the evidence. I am anxious to see your reference.

  2. Nancy Van Dyke-Dickison

    Fabulous! I am very grateful that you shared this. I can’t quite read the top part. I will pull it into Adobe but you probably have already done that. Do you think this is Daniel plus family of three? or Daniel, family of three?
    In other words, three people or four?

    1. Rhys Post author

      I think it is a total of three. In addition to the evidence for Neil arriving later, this is also supported by the 1920 census which shows a family of three. 1 Male under 10 (James); 1 Male 26-44 (Daniel); 1 Female 26-44 (Rosanna). 3 total.


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